Membership Benefits

  1. No Contracts - You will never be asked to sign any contracts to use our service here at S.A.P. You can cancel your membership at any time by simply just sending us an email letting us know that you no longer wish to use our service. If you cancel in the middle of a month that you have already paid for you will not get a refund but you have the option to continue out the month that you have paid for or we can give you a credit so if you decide to use our service again it can be applied toward the service.

  2. Part Request Filters – All members have the option to set filters by logging into their account and selecting the parts request that they wish to receive. You can set the filters by year model, vehicle make, parts or states. This way if you only sell parts for a particular model, particular make or only certain types of parts or even if you only want to receive the parts request from your state then you have the option to do that. This way your email inbox will not be flooded with email part requests that do not pertain to what you sale.

  3. Sales Leads – This is the #1 reason for using our service. We get a few hundred people filling out a part request each day. S.A.P offers all Salvage Yards a 3 day free trial period and once you see how many new customers that this brings to you each day then I bet there is a good chance that you will continue with our service. I think this will be by far the cheapest way that you ever will get this many new sales leads. The best part about this service is we have many repeat customers so be sure to treat them well because it is your good service combined with S.A.P that will keep bringing these customers back.

Click Here to sign up for our service and start receiving all these great benefits that you will get from seek auto parts and watch your sales increase. You just have to take the time to respond to the part requests and I am sure you will see the results that you are looking for!