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Car owners who are trying to find used auto parts for their Vehicle can try our part locating service at SeekAutoParts.com. Besides the fact that you can find almost any part you need for your car here, you can do it knowing that you are going to receive a competitive quote from Salvage Yards and Junkyards across the nation. Being able to send out a nationwide part request may even help you find the part cheaper than if you bought it locally. The fact is that their is Salvage Auto Parts from cars all over the United States but in some states the parts might sell cheaper than what they would in your state. Let me give you an example. In Florida you are going to use your air condition more than if you are in Maine or up North so the people that live in those states have no need for used ac compressors so the demand is not near as high as it would be in Florida. So therefore the Auto Recyclers in the states up North are selling their ac compressors, ac condensors cheaper. This is just one example of how you can save money by purchasing your parts through your nationwide network. Whether you are looking for Dodge Parts, Chevy Parts, Toyota Parts, Honda Parts or any other type of part, whether it be a used OEM style, or aftermarket auto parts you have come to the right place! Fill out the part request form and your request will be sent to a nationwide network of dealers that are waiting to help you. 

25 Ways to help save Fuel - Part One

Hello, I know how tough the economy is and now with the recent hike in Gas price I figured that everyone could use a little information to help them save a little money. There is quite a few things you can do to help save on gas whether you drive a Honda Civic or whether you drive a new full size Ford or Dodge truck. There are some basic things that will help you save fuel no matter what type vehicle that you drive. I have a list of 25 things that you can do to help save fuel in your car or truck, and I am going to share a couple with you today, you will have to stay tuned to find out the rest of them. The first thing you want to do is try and change your driving habits, because something as little as making sure that you do not let your foot rest on the brake pedal while the other foot is on the accelerator can help, most people drive with one foot anyway but there are some people that use both feet and if you let your foot rest on the brake it can cause enough drag or resistance to hurt your fuel mileage. Another driving habit that you may want to change is if you are following too closely becuase you have to hit your brakes more often and then when you accelerate again it take more gas than if you would have just stayed back a little farther and coasted instead of slowing down and speeding up. This is just a couple ways to help you save gas but please stay tuned to find out the many other ways that you can really cut down on your fuel bill   

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Get an Engine from one of the salvage yards that you find using our online part locating service. You can find used Chevrolet engines, used Dodge engines, Nissan engines. Find an engine for all foreign and domestic vehicles using our online part locating service.

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