Visitors Comments

These are actual comments from people who have used to find quality used auto parts. Please take a minute to read some of these to see what others have to say about our locating service.

Thanks for such a convenient service. I filled out your request form and not only did I get a bunch of replys, I even received my part the next day after I submitted the request.
--Charles, Georgia

This site is amazing. It saved me so much time not to have to call around to locate my part! I received three replys within 15 minutes. THANKS!
--Aloria New York

Thank you for getting me a price on the part I needed so fast. I did not expect to see so many replys back that quick. I will use your service in the future for anything else that I might need and let other people know about your service. Thanks again.
--Todd, Utah

Thanks for helping me get the parts I was looking for! I have been trying to find this part for weeks and I found your service and you guys had located my part within less than 20 minutes. I never thought that I would have had replys to my request before I even got up from my computer. Awesome service!
--Carol, Tennessee

I just wanted to take a minute to tell you thank you for helping me locate my car part. I am a widow and it seems like when I try to find parts locally that these people locally try to take advantage of me. I am always afraid that I am getting ripped off but with your service I got several replies and all the prices were very competitive and the quotes were pretty close to the same amount and I knew with the quotes being so close in price that I was not getting taken advantage of so I will always use this service from now on.
--Thelma, Colorado

Thanks to this site for saving me a whole lotta money!
--Bill, North Carolina

Thank you so much for everything. I have had many responses already and I have already purchased the part that it did not seem I was ever going to find until I found this service.
--Brenda, South Carolina

Thanks, I am so impressed with this service, I got numerous replies concerning my search for an engine. This site made my life a lot easier, not to mention the money I saved. I had one dealer to give me a price quote and then I got a reply from another dealer that was closer and he matched the price for me so I would not have to wait as long for my part. Really nice people to deal with.
--Charles, Ohio

What a wonderful service that you offer. I got 6 or 7 replies within two hours for the part I couldn't find around where I live. I will use this service everytime I need an auto part. Thank you so much for offering this great service!
--Connie, Texas